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Finally, in a show of significant effort toward fighting years of deflation, the Bank of Japan has decided to dramatically increase the money supply, resulting in much-needed inflation for Japan.

Already, financial markets have responded positively, with the Yen down to 94.95 on the US Dollar from its previous 92.8. This is great news for businesses exporting out of Japan and consumers buying from overseas. Of particular interest to gamers, this could potentially help Nintendo, Sony, and other Japanese developers, as years of a bloated Yen have hindered their profits. While this may not mean we'll see immediate price cuts or anything along those lines any time soon, this will most-likely give a boost to Japanese developers, and if you're a fan of their games and consoles, them possibly doing better financially is welcome news.


Of particular note is the aid this might give to those looking to import from Japan, and for developers, it gives added incentive to exporting more titles that might otherwise end up Japan-only. Of the sales they make overseas, they may be hurt far less by the exchange rate. All things that should be a boon for Japanese developers and anyone looking to purchase from them in the future.


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