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Gooey Grimer! Pokemon One a Day!

Sludge Pokemon

Poison Type

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When people think of weak Pokemon designs in generation 1, Grimer and its evolution are often on the list. Surprisingly...I have no qualms with this bugger! Today's illustration features the Sludge Pokemon, a poison type who truly embodies pollution in the environment in which it lives.

My understanding is that Grimer is a creature that is the manifestation of all things vile- composed of garbage on top of ick and muck and grime and yeah...The message to go green should get loud and clear if our garbage and lack of care for the earth would spring forth to life in this purple, gelatinous blob of a creature. I don't mind Grimer's design because it is unique to the set of generation 1 - no other Pokemon fit his description or role, so therefore it carries its own voice. Now, Muk on the other hand, is another story, so let's save the verbal beatdown for his design tomorrow.

I started by making Grimer appear weak and looking frail, as if the garbage his body was composed of was actually destroying him from the inside. This concept makes sense through logic - if you don't take care of your body, you'll get sick and from there things go from bad to worse. However, when I looked up references for Grimer, I noticed he was always depicted with a large smile on his face. His hands were raised in the air, and my Grimer didn't match the original in terms of personality and wellbeing at all.


Asides from trying to make sure he didn't look like a filther version of the Pokemon Ditto, (it came down to getting the ride shade of purple - desaturated and more warmer and closer to blue than pink) Grimer would need some accessories to make a blobby mess of goo an interesting subject. Thus, I wracked my brain for anything that I could use to cover this filthy Pokemon that would be immediately recognizable. I ended up going with a soda can, six pack can plastic holder thingamajigger, an old banana peel with complimentary flies buzzing around it, an old shoe, and some fishbones.


It looks like Grimer's been rummaging through your trash can...and in this final rendition, loving every bit of it! I'm glad I made him a happy camper than something dying from inside...I mean the latter makes sense and showcases how his lifestyle is self-destructive, but this Pokemon is the embodiment of grime...He loves it if his life came to be from garbage. In the end, my Grimer is more translucent and jelly like then something more thick and tangible, but the change is only for the sake of having fun with the garbage accessories.

I had a lot of fun with this one and painting the piece in this smooth cartoony style allows me to continue on this streak and challenge...That said, hope you liked today's art work! I hope you too enjoyed the work and gained insight with these words and backstory. See you tomorrow and have a good night!




+ Pokemon One a Day is a series illustrated and curated by Bonny John in an effort to represent the the first generation of characters from the world wide phenomenon that is known as Pokemon. The idea is simple - to draw and share one new Pokemon a day (weekends off!) until every Pokemon from the set is completed. This project is an exploration of fine art styles for learning and leisurely purposes.


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