I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to the new Talk Amongst Yourselves. You're here a little early, but please make yourself at home. The new TAY is still a place for all of you to talk about games and set the tone, but now you'll be able to use the same posting tools that we have . The big improvement? TAY will be its own blog—and some of you are going to be able to be the authors. Here's how that'll work and how you can be involved:

As we transition to our new layout, each Kotaku reader will wind up having their own personal blog. You can check it out now. Type in yourname.kinja.com. Or just start commenting on any posts here and click on your name. You'll see a little pencil icon near the top. Click that. Voila! You can now compose a post, a comment, an image, a video... whatever you fancy.


For starters, you can publish to your own personal blog, but, bit by bit, we're going to invite some of you to become official authors for tay.kotaku.com. Anyone will be able to comment and discuss posts, but we're optimistic that some of you will be eager to lead and mold discussion. You'll see that we've already brought in a few readers and let them write.

If you're interested, then reply to this post and maybe start a conversation. Play with the publishing tools. Write what you'd write as a post. Have fun!

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