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Just kidding. I figure this may be a recurring series for me, so I'll come up with actual name for it later, or if one of you happens to suggest something that I like I'll steal it borrow it. Well now that the preface to...my preface... <__< is done, let's get down to business (but not to defeat the huns).

Kcet's S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon review

"In the name of that spherical glowing thing in sky!....I'll ask you to keep reading"


So lemme get back to that second preface I was talking about a second ago, in which I explain just what the heck S.H. Figuarts is for those of you who don't know.

S.H.Figuarts is a toy line from Bandai. It's more for collectors and the like because the figures are generally of a higher quality than regular kids toys, with a price to match that.

The line was created in 2008 and their motto, or at least the line printed on most of the boxes of their line is "S.H. Figuarts is a new standard figure series that incorporates the Bandai action figure "Art" under the theme "Pursuing Character Expression through Humanoid Action."" In layman's terms, It pretty much just means it's a super poseable figure, generally in a human form. I have reason to believe the S.H. could possibly stand for super hero since most of the figures to come out of this line could be considered such, (Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z to name a few.) They also have spin off lines for other series: S.H. MonsterArts (things like Godzilla and other kaijin), Figuarts ZERO line (these are more character statues, more in line with the typical kind of figure statues such as one would find at a con), D-Arts (video games, with past releases such as Megaman, and God Eater), and their Robot spirts line (Gundam, pretty much anything with mecha). Anyway let us get to the ("donuts"? Meatballs?) of this review, the actual figure (yay actual pics this time)


So that there, is the packaging the figure comes in. Celebrating the series' 20th anniversary. The box itself isn't overly large, about as tall and wide as a DVD case, and about the same thickness as 3 cases stacked together. So lets take a look at the figure itself.

Front and Back


So as you can see from the cursory pics, It looks quite good and accurate to the show with the big'ol anime eyes and what not. The paint job is quite nice as well, with the uniform having a metallic sheen to it, as better seen here:

This is only my second Figuarts figure, I don't have a lot to compare this to, but the joints on Serena/Usagi here are small and to my eyes appear to be quite similar to some of the Revoltech figures to come out in the past few years. The wrists in this case especially, as the hands sit on a shaft that is connected to the wrist, as opposed to other Figuarts where the Wrist joint ends in a ball, and the hands are popped on or off from that joint.


The figure has most of the general mobility you'd expect from a poseable figure. Ankle joints allow full motion on the feet, standard bending joint in the knees and elbows. The hip joints allow the legs to move back and forth as well as side to side, the hip joins are also some kind of double joint to allow the legs to be extended a bit for better poseability, and the skirt is a soft enough material to adhere to that. The head has a full rotational ability as well as being able to move up and down. Her hair only has a joint right where they connect to the buns, which limits the movement to the sides. Lastly her wrists as previously mentioned allow full rotation and pivot. Speaking of hands this wouldn't be a Figuarts with out tons of hands to further add to the high poseablity. The figures usually come with certain amount of L/R hand options, with one hand usually having more, such as in this case:

so let's go over this from bottom to the top: open hands (jazz hands if you wish), closed fists, left hand partially pointing, peace sign hand, the devil horns, pointing, a open fist for holding her wand, and lastly her hand mid-moon tiara magic attack. Here's another of the open fist, along with the two accessories she comes with: her regular wand, and the wand with the silver crystal inserted:


Some Figuarts figures will come with a special customized stand, and this figure being in occasion of the 20th anniversary of the show is totally going to jump on that with this little number:

Usually the stands are of a rectangular shape, and they decided to switch it up a bit for Sailor Moon. You'll notice the 2 points on the upper left and right as well as the hole on the bottom. All Bandai Tamashii stands have these, which are the spots where the support arm(s) on the stand can be placed. They tend to only have one hole open, but the pegs easily pop out to swap where the arm will go.


The last bits to show off of the figure are the extra faces it came with, as well as the first run bonuses of which, include two additional faces. So after the pics I'll give my final thoughts and info on where you can snag one for yourself.( Let's face it, once you saw it you were like "I gots to get me one of them") And with that let's go:

Yelling face:

Serious Face:

Moon Tiara Magic face (doesn't have the tiara on):

So those 3 along with the one way at the start are the normal parts, here are the 1st run bonuses:

Crying face:

Wink face:

and the other bonus, you may have guessed:


So in conclusion, the figure looks great and true to the show, I'd definitely recommend it to the fans out there and say look forward to the rest of the scouts. I got mine from amazon Sailor Moon


Lastly before I forget the figure is about 5" inches or so high. As a reference (not really) here she is next to my figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard:

Last Pics I swear: Double rider kick!