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Graveyard ↑ - Paradigm Shift Edition

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The term "Paradigm Shift" often refers to a sudden shift in the assumptions of a scientific belief such as Newtonian Physics into Einstein Relativistic view.

However, I'm going to use the term a little more loosely and closer to what you probably were thinking. Paradigm Shift from Final Fantasy XIII.


The type of shift I'm referring to is the one where sometimes, you experience an event or reach a revelation, that you dramatically change your belief, lifestyle, and/or habit. Not the ones that change over time, I'm talking about the ones where you simply either stop doing completely and never turn back, or start doing because you had that shift.

For me, the most memorable one is when one day, I decided to stop crying (back in high school) is screwing up my eyesight faster and it's tiring to cry every time I fought with my GF at the time. Just like that after making that decision, I hardly cry from that day forward. And if I do shed tears, it's very little.


Anyone else experience such a shift? Feel free to share it. It can be game related, anime, movie, anything. If you want to talk about something else, also feel free.

And to those who are working through their finals, good luck. And have a happy holiday to those prepping for the holidays.


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Have a Wily Christmas!


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