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Whats up everybody? I’m mildly late due to highway traffic after work and what not, but I’m here now so rest easy. Not a whole lot of goings on here. Gonna check out an anime convention on Saturday. I was supposed to go both Sat and Sunday, but work mesed up my schedule so I’m only going to be able to go one of the two days my pass is good for. :/ Other than that, I’m waiting for SFV and Fire Emblem. Such a busy B-day month this is.

I’ve seen some strange things in games recently. I was playing Dying Light the other day, and in one of the quarantine zone areas I had used survivor pulse which allows you to see Night Hunters and advanced volatiles through objects. They are displayed as a orange-ish nerve system skeleton. Anyway, I pulse to check their location, and then see one clearly phase through the floor into the abyss that exists under the world into nothingness.

Another was when I was playing Black Ops the other day and a teammate called in a Cerberus, which is basically a AI controlled patrolling mini tank type thingy, and for some reason it got near a building and just freaked out and started spinning around all crazy like. If you have me on XBL I believe I saved clips of these hapenings.

So for todays topic: Share with us some silly things that have happened to you or you have seen in a game(s)


As usual if you can’t think of anything regarding the topic, feel free to talk about whatever comes to mind.

Tonight’s Jam: Kajetokun - Jumping onto White Base

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