I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey guys we’re back once again here on this Thursday of the week. The weather has been mostly nice here, bit warm here and there but not too much rain as of late. Not much else going on here just business as usual, other than the fact I’m actually off of work today.


So I noticed recently that we are in a big “demo” influx as of late, quite alot are occuring or will be soon. Last weekend we had the Battleborn beta which was fun, Currently the Gears 4 beta is going on which has some issues of its own at the moment, which if i recall was an issue that a previous gears had. As a bonus if you reach lv 20 in the beta you get some gear and whatnot for the actual game. Next Tuesday the Ni-oh Alpha starts up on PS4, and if you can beat a level before the end of the Alpha’s run you get some free dlc expansion for the actual game when that comes out. Lastly on May 5th (or the 3rd if you’ve pre ordered) the Overwatch open beta starts for pc AND consoles (previous betas were pc only)

So lots of opportunitys to test out some new games that will be on the horizon, and occasionaly get some bonuses from them.

Tonight’s topic: Were any of you planning on checking out some of these Alpha/Betas? Already on the hype train for these games? Don’t care? Let us know!

Since JoJo is back in full swing:

Savage Garden - I want you

How bout them 90's videos eh?

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