I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Since I was around 12, I started reading books. Mostly Fantasy books. Things like Dragonlance, The Date Gate Cycle and lots of comics (Marvel mostly). About 2 weeks ago I rediscovered this passion of mine because I, for some reason stopped reading about 8 years ago.


So I investigated what as being read around the world and ended buying this book called "Red Rising" which is very popular right now. Its about the future of humanity and how we needed to terraform other planets because Earth is off course, messed up. Its a total ripoff of The Hunger games, but for some reason I like this one more than the games.

There was one book that marked my life growing up. Its not the usual book I would read. It was called Papillon. The story of a man falsely accused of a crime who spent his entire life escaping several prisons. He was supposed even in my country. Panama. Anyways, its a long book, but an amazing one. Why did it marked my life, I don't really know, but I also felt trapped in a jail of my own mental creations, over thinking life and deciding if I would be a marine biologist or a computer science engineer...machines won, the one that you keep at home, and connect you to the internets, not the ones that dive in open seas to recover new species.

Reading his how I learned english. I read a lot in JRPGs and in fantasy books. And now I'm back to reading books, AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME!!!! NO ONE!!!!

So...do you read? if you do...what do you read? maybe you are one of those fancy people who enjoy audio books...or just stick to comics, or the newspaper and whine about life.


Maybe you hate reading and think I'm being rude for not including a question for non readers, so...if you don't read...Do you use cartoon underwear? maybe you still do...I do...and it makes me feel good...

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