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​Graveyard Shift - Broken Tier Edition

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I took this picture a couple of months ago. If I remember right, I was coming home from a trip to Texas and had to stop somewhere to get milk and bread. Since I basically live out in the middle of nowhere, it would have been an extra couple of miles away from the freeway to go to an actual supermarket, and since I was just coming home from a trip, I was kind of eager to get home.

Since I was in a rush, I stopped at Braum's, since it was actually on the way home from the freeway. For anyone not familiar, Braum's is an ice cream and dairy store, but they sell a ton of other stuff, too. Muffins, questionable steaks, a variety of nuts and bread are all available at "okay" prices. As I got out of the car, though, I noticed the sign looked pretty different from when I had left.

My favorite fast food restaurant turned into a Bra and Dairy Store. My inner twelve year old was delighted, and since I still needed one of those, I went in anyways.


They apparently also had a deal on Blue Cheese Burger Combos at the time. Huh.

The point is, broken things can be frustrating, but sometimes they can also be hilarious.


What about you, TAY? Do you have any interesting stories about broken stuff? Did you break your controller when Nach was being a patoot in Red Dead Redemption? Did your Source games suddenly stop working? Share your stories with us!

Do you never see broken things? Are you disturbingly optimistic? Well, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever you desire. The Thursday Graveyard Shift is open for discussion!


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