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I'm really feeling it!
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Graveyard Shift - Certification Time

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How is everything going on this fine evening? I hope everyone is having a great evening. Tonight, let us discuss being certified.


No, not being certified insane. I mean the types of certifications that you can give to someone and that will tell them “ I KNOW MY SHIT!”.

There are hundreds of certifications available across multiple fields. Some are entry level, some intermediate and some are for the top of the field. From legal, to medical, to hospitality, to technology and everywhere in between. For some they are a susbstitute for college, showing a solid foundation of the subject matter. For others, they are a supplement to a college education, a specialized study in an area of high demand. The biggest hurdle for certifications can be cost. When you’re lucky as I am to get a job that will pay for them, you take advantage of those opportunities.


The day before I leave for my summer trip to Maine, I will be taking both tests in the CompTia A+ certification. This is a two part test covering the fundamentals of pc hardware and operating systems. I already have the Network+ certification from CompTia which is actually supposed to be done after this one. So I’ve kind of done it in reverse. That leads into tonight’s topics.

1. Do you have a certification you’ve completed at some time in the past?

2.Is there one you’re working on taking now?

If being certified isn’t up your alley, then talk about whatever else you like in this late night hole in the wall of fun and games.


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