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Sorry for getting this up late guys. Tonight’s topics are pretty simple. Since this is the last GS I will be doing before Christmas, tonight’s theme is all about this wonderful time of year.


1. What wonderful gifts did you give to your friends and family?

2. What is on your own wish list?

3. Since I won’t get another GS until after the new year, what are your New Year resolutions?

Of course any other topics are fare game. I wish everyone a joyous and peaceful holiday season and a bleesed and happy new year. It can’t be any worse than the one we’re thankfully throwing away.

For myself, I got my mother some pajamas. But she wants to do things while in Oklahoma City so I will be getting tickets to a couple of museums in the city. I got my aunt who I am currently living with a OKC Thunder jacket, a Kohl’s gift card and the Will Smith movie “Concussion”.


I really just want cash. I will be out of work at the end of the year and haven’t got a job lined up yet so cash would be great. Other than that gift cards. I have some 360 games on my Amazon Wish List but I don’t buy a lot of games anymore outside of Steam. This year my resolution is to complete my CompTia Security+ and really focus on getting healthy. I will also focus on being more involved with the Kinja community. I’ve been getting more involved in Reddit and while I like the subs I am part of, I wasn’t as involved with my Kinja communities so 2017 I want to get more involved.

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