I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I decided to stay home this year from Black Friday shopping, at least until the end of the day. Honestly, I'm not tall enough to deal with the massive amounts of people that these sorts of deals bring forth, so I get pushed around pretty easy. On top of that, I'm terrible with crowds - I totally can't stand them. Usually I just clam up and walk around aimlessly until I can finally get out of them.

Anyway, I always get my Christmas presents on Black Friday - so this year, since I stayed home, I just got them all online. There were quite a few deals I thought looked good for the family, like a generic pocketknife for my father, or games for my siblings or a Blu-ray box set for my mother. In fact, I almost missed the opportunity to get her the Game of Thrones seasons for cheap this morning. For some reason, Amazon didn't tell me whenever I made it to the front of the queue for the deals, so I completely missed getting one and only got the other in my cart by a few seconds. I ended up waiting for the other one and got it anyways.

That being said, I used up all of my luck this morning and ended up missing a pair of earphones that I wanted to buy for one of my brothers. I'll be sure to check around the shops this weekend, or just wait for Cyber Monday.

So, now that Black Friday is all said and done, were there any items that you were looking forward to getting but never managed to? Is there anything you put off buying for a bit, or are going to ask for the Holidays?


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