I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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One of the things about adulating that I hate is making decisions. I would make a terrible leader because when it comes time to make a choice, I freeze like dial up internet during a World Of Warcraft raid.


I was called by a friend of mine the other day. He offered me a chance to get in on what sounds like a really good opportunity, an I.T position for a state agency here in Oklahoma. I work for the state already but as a contractor. This would be a direct hire. It would be between 5 to 6 thousand more a month. It would also mean state benefits which are pretty nice, some folks work for the state just for those. In addition more vacation and actual sick days as opposed to just one pool of paid time off. Now that is the good stuff. The bad stuff is that it would be starting right as the busy half of my calendar begins to kick into gear.I have a pretty front loaded half of the year.

I’m working a medievil fair with the group I do sword fighting with at the beginning of April

I’m going to Las Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party in April and then the wedding as one of the groomsman in late May


I have my yearly trip to Maine in mid-June

I also have a possible trip to Pensacola, Florida for a family get together in July. We would drive so that’s three days off I need just for that.


As you can see. I have several days of stuff happening in the next few months. So to lose all the PTO I’ve acquired would be hard. I could skip Maine and skip the potential Florida trip but I’ve already book a flight for the May wedding. On the other hand more money and better benefits is never something you want to turn down. On top of that the state has been cutting it’s budget a lot since lower gas prices have hurt the Oklahoma oil industry. So I need to decide what to do. That leads us to this week’s questions.

1. What are some tough decisions you’ve been faced with lately? Have you had to choose between something you want to do or something responsible. Or maybe a family member or friend made you choose.


2.Conversely, have there been any decisions lately that have been easy. A situation where you knew right away what you would say. I had one, my coworker asked me if I wanted to order Girl Scout cookies.


Of course, if neither one of those topics interest you, feel free to discuss whatever you want. I’m running this bus all through the night so lets merge on the highway of fun my wacked out night owl friends.


Tonight’s tunes are a call back to some great music featured in some of our favorite games.

Still Alive- Portal Ending Theme.

Want You Gone- Portal 2 Ending Theme.

Turret Song - Portal 2

Cage the elephant - Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked Biorderlands 1

The Heavy - Short Change Hero- Borderlands 2

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