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Graveyard Shift: End Edition

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In the beginning, there was...

Tonight's Graveyard Shift is the End Edition! No, it won't be the last but the topic is endings.

There are all sorts of different reasons why we like a story but even the best stories has an ending. And for me, a story is not all about the journey rather it's about the ending. Why do I care about the ending more? It's because the ending is the result of all that has transpired in the story regardless if it leaves the characters better or worse off.

Which brings me to tonight's question? What is your favorite type of ending?

My favorite type of ending is bittersweet because I feel it summarizes the human condition very well in the sense that we as humans cannot have everything we want. We must give up something to gain something, and it may not always be greater however, it doesn't mean we can no longer be happy since an experience is gained. Thus, bittersweet.


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