I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I wrote a piece today about reality escaping through video games, well sort off, it was actually a confession of how I almost lost my life to Ragnarok Online. It feels good to set reality aside, and some have accomplished the highest of becoming 1 with their games, and getting paid, like this dude.


I have been reflecting on 26 years of gaming, I've never stopped, and I probably never will, and the ones who know in TAY now that I'm trying to learn how to make games now, instead of playing too much, except for today cuz Diablo 3 man, and don't give me that look Aikage...but anyways For some video video games is their Shrine of fun and peace, and some games deliver just that more than others.

I remember playing Katamari Damacy when I felt sad years ago, and damn, it always cheered me up and helped me deal with life. I'm not saying that you should neglect your responsibilities as I do a loooooot of times, but it feels so good to get immersed in our favorite worlds.


At the moment you are reading this, I'm in Act IV or V of Diablo 3...but I will be engaging with creative chatter on this Graveyard Shift with you all, because, its fun!

So...what game helped you deal with deppresion at some point in your life?

or...what game us your favorite escape from reality

or...do you enjoy latin food? cuz my wife makes amazing food man...come on over...


Yes...that picture is from Chrono Trigger...and I just thought it was pretty :)


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