I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I had it all sorted out, but Kinja rebelled on me...HOW CAN THIS BE?

but dont worry, GS is here, late but here because Kinja erased my draft.

So this year has been very weird gamingwise (is that a word?), started with lot of indies and roguelikes, then League of Legends addiction, aftwerwards I bought a 3DS and played the heck of out a bunch of games aind now I'm back to roguelikes and probably getting a PS4 next week.


So I haven't expected games that much this year, just 3. Transistor, Smash Bros and Far Cry 4, I need to play Far Cry 4 NOWWWWW.

What is the game you are expecting the most. or maybe a top 3 of the games you are expecting the most this 2014.

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