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Graveyard Shift - Fantasy Worlds

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I have been spending a lot of time on Tomodachi lately. Well no that much, since I have less free time now. But the time i've spent on this fantasy world is very fun and unexpected. Video games in my opinion are the greatest expression of art of our times. There are games that I would really like to live in, like Journey, that game made my tears run because of how beautiful it was. Or Zeno Clash because its so unexpected that you never know if you've met the weirdest character yet.


I get lost pretty easily in video games, identify with the characters, feel what they feel when they are betrayed, when someone dies, or whatever. Am I the only one that has tears run when a video game trailer impacts me?

Anyhow, on what game would you like to live in if you could?

Since I've mentioned Tomodachi, here is a gallery of what is happening on my game

It will ask you to log in...its worth it, really :)


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