I'm really feeling it!

What’s up Tay? It’s Thursday and it’s time for your late night lounge n’ chat zone, The Graveyard Shift.

I’m writing this on my phone during lunch at work so I’m trying to keep it simple. ( my phone hates kinja, and messes up my words when typing all the time.)

So after wanting to start playing it the day of launch but not being able to, I finally started to play Uncharted 4 and I’m loving it. Lots of references to the past games in the first couple of chapters. Once I finish it I’ll probably hop on the multiplayer where we can hopefully get another Tay group session going like we did during the beta. #TeamElena


Has there been anything that you really wanted to start on right away, but due to some manner of life getting in the way you had to push your time with it back a bit? Let us know below, or talk about whatever you want!

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