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Graveyard Shift - Game Time

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Good evening, my fellow late night denizens of the quiet humble little corner of the internet known as TAY. It is I, the humble PartyBusDriver or in this case the PartyVoteDriver, with tonight’s graveyard shift. Tonight, we’re going to get back to what this place is all about. Let’s talk about what video games we’re all playing, mainly since I can’t think of a better topic and luckily you can always default to that here.


Ok two stops on the Red Line and then I should be at The Black Tower station. Man I hate the Mordor Rail System

I’ve been dabbling in a few different things. I got Middle Earth:Shadows Of Mordor during the Steam Summer Sale. It was really cheap and I am enjoying it so far. It has a feel of a hybrid of Saint’s Row/Arkham City. I am still at the beginning so i’m just looking for Captains to kill and slaves to free. I have made the mistake of going into fights to high up for my current level and all that does is power up the enemies which is annoying.

For obvious reasons it’s best to play this at night when no one else is around.

I also got HuniePop, a puzzle game/dating sim. It’s cheesy and extreme weaboo but I couldn’t help myself. Their are a lot of different girls to try to get in good with so you won’t get bored. I love how raunchy some of these girls can get, which is funny coming from anime faces.

Don’t mess with Clem, she will mess your shit up

I showed my friend the TellTale Walking Dead Season 1 in Maine so now i’m resuming Season 2 that I’ve had for a while. I finished Episode 1 the other day. I am playing Clem as mostly nice but with a snarky streak. I remember the first time I played it when I got it months ago I threatened a pregnant woman with revealing to her husband she suspected the baby was someone else’s but I didn’t do that this time. Do we have any TellTale gamers here tonight? How do you play those games?

So that’s what i’m up to. What about you guys?

  1. What games are you currently involved in?
  2. Did you get anything good during the Steam Summer sale?

If you want to talk about something else, feel free, you know how it works around here.


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Tonight we’re gonna chill with some anime music from two shows i’ve been watching recently. I signed up for Crunchyroll and just been poking around. I just finished Amagi Brillant Park and am working on Koroko Basketball. So here are the first two OP for both shows.

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