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Hey TAY! Thursday again, and lets just get straight to the meat of the topic:

Mecha- What are some of your favorite Mechs from media? Post some names and pics below!


Alternatively, if you aren’t a mecha person, what are some of your favorite robots/droids in media?

I’ve got a number of em, but some of my favorites include:

Big- O: Kinda strange with the arms, in comparison to most mechs, but he’s got pilebunkers and his chromebuster attack so hes cool. Plus his start up sequence/ cockpit is unique.


God Gundam: One of my favorite Gundams because as a child, I thought G Gundam was cool because instead of gun fights, they beat the crap out of each other for the most part instead. God Gundam’s design is cool and who doesn’t love a good ol’ face exploding Erupting Burning Finger Attack?


Patlabors: I saw a bit of one of the movies when I was younger, but I thought the idea of a Police mecha was kinda cool.

Armored Cores: I got introduced to the series during AC 2 Another age, and thought the designs were interesting. Also customization all over the place. (although post AC3 the designs got kinda too bulky for my liking)


Thats just a few of my favorites, be sure to share your favorites below!

Tonight’s Jam’s:

Dir En Grey- Saku

Twenty One Pilots- Heathens

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