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So, I'm sure some of you are participating in the TAY Secret Santa. If not, possibly with friends, family, and so forth. Or maybe some other gifting event.


Well, for one group of friends, we're doing white elephant. If you're unsure what this is white elephant, it's basically a group all buying a single gift, dump it in a pile and take turns either opening a gift from the pile or stealing a previous open gift.

Anyway, one of my group of friends are doing that. The limit is $25-$30, and no gag/silly/regift. Now being the oddest one in the group (really out of sync and my friends suspect I have ADD because I'm one of the most easily distracted person they know that), my gift idea was going to be a Misfit Flash but due to recent convo, that may not be a good idea. So browsing to Thinkgeek, I've come across the ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete (picture above). My first thought is this is PERFECT!


Thinking carefully, it may not be a good idea especially for a New Yorker. So back to the drawing board.

Tonight's Topic: Your gift idea that sounds good in your head but probably by far one of the worst for the intended receiver.

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