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Hello everyone, and welcome to the The Graveyard Shift, which is hosted by Kotaku's reader-run blog, TAY. This is a place to talk about life, video games, or anything else you want, so feel free to hop in and join in the topic discussion, or anything else you want. Then, when you're done, feel free to dive into other articles on TAY and TAYCLASSIC. Is this your first time on TAY? Then check out this handy TAYtorial!


Hello Summoner! This is the Graveyard Shift, a nexus for summoners to show off their summon and chat.

And if you're interest in a bounty, check out the following posting on TAY:

Now that you've checked out the bounties, have a drink and feel free to chat amongst fellow TAYers.

If you need an icebreaker, show us your best summon. It can be a guardian ghost, a persona, a magic creature, mecha, kaiju or whatever. Here is mine:


Because why not? Aren't mystery fun as long as the answers always seem to be in reach? And when you can almost catch Cheshire, poof, there he goes.

If you don't feel like summoning anything, feel free to chat about whatever you wish.


[TAYer makes a summon]

My goodness...what is that summon?!

Care to tell me the story behind your guardian or summon?

[TAYer does not make a summon]

No pressure. Have a seat and talk about whatever you like. Also feel free to check out the following portals within the nexus.


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