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Before you expect too much, ease in with a few TAYritcles:

We all have expectations when it comes to things that we feel invested in. But sometimes, the bar get set a bit too high and when our expectation meets reality, we are met with disappointment.


Valvrave is one instance where the show has set my expectation so high, I was met with a disappointing end. The show had crazy build up and so many twist and turns only to finish with a predictable and rush end.

Another is the WiiU/3DS Smash Brothers. I love all the previous ones but I'm struggling to get hype and have been let down over and over again at every character reveal. Some of the modes are cool but to me, one of the biggest appeal is the roster. I keep expecting a new character such as Palutena, maybe a SMT IV character, perhaps Professor Layton, Bayonetta (long shot but highly unlikely), maybe a Custom Robo character, or maybe an Advance Wars character.


And then there are times where I can walk in with high expectation, and still get blown away like with Kill la Kill. Each episode, my expectation builds up, and some how the show still manage to beat my expectation.

So tonight's topic is: High Expectation. What are some of your high expectation? Where they met or did it fall short?


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