I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I have been ranting all week about Broforce, its a fun game, a good time killer, and it will get better with each update. I wasn't tracking the game, it just came out of nowhere to hit my wallet.

Back in the days we tracked games we wanted by buying Gamepro, or Nintendo magazines. Every year there has been games that we waited for with impatience.


The game I expected the most to a point I had to stop looking at stuff in the internets about it, was Xenosaga...Because they fooled me, and played with my JRPG heart telling me this game would be connected to Xenogears, my #1 game of all time. I looked foward to it so much that I started reading fan fiction, spending hours in forums reading peopel theories. Then it came out, and I said "What da @%^#&#, there is no connection to Xenogears", at least not what I was hoping for.

Also Kingdom Hearts 2, I freakingly waited for that game too much...and it delivered...at least for me.


So I think we can talk about...what game did you wait for like crazy? extra points if it got cancelled midway.

Also, whats your super power? I can hack time...

Also if you missed this today, we are weighting on what to do with QOTD here.

I give you...LINKS!!!!!

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