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Good Wednsday evening, everyone and welcome to the Graveyard Shift, the place for late night chatter and witty banter. Tonight’s topic, microtrasnactions and what they can do for you, aside from drain your bank account.


Folks, I must confess, I am in idol hell. My soul is grasped firmly by my best girls Eli and Hanamaru. For you see, my new mobile addiction is Love Live School Idol Festival

I have been in idol hell since I first discovered the Love Live anime and now that I have both the English and Japanese game on my phone with a ton of adorable idol cards on each account i’m not getting out. However, getting the best idols isn’t cheap.

Only 50 gems? Yeah that will be easy to farm...snicker

As you can see it takes 50 gems to do a 10+1 scouting which increases the chance of getting an Ultra Rare card. There is still only a 1% chance however, and farming gems takes forever. Of course you can buy but the prices are pretty shit. 86 gems for $50 is the maximum and that’s the best deal over time. The pricing is based on the Japanese pricing and it is doubtful it will change. Thankfully with the 4.0 update which lets you get one gem each day for one song completed it’s easier to farm but still takes time. I’ll be doing a post on the game and how it’s a good time to get into it. My point now is that I have bought gems to roll the dice on scouting. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dosen’t.

That’s not the only game i’ve bought IAP for. Others include...

Fallout Shelter


Boom Beach


and many more. So i am not against paying if the game is fun and well made and I will get value for my money. So that is tonight’s topic of discussion.

1. Do you ever take part in IAP for a mobile/F2P/Freemium game?

2.If so what game was it? Do you think you got value for your money?

As always,feel free to discuss whatever you want if that topic dosen’t interest you. Also, I have a 48 hour Crunchyroll guest pass that expires on the 27th. If you want it just say so in the comments, first one who says they want it based on Kinja date/time stamp wins it.


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Tonight we’re rocking to some Boston boys, Aerosmith. For some reason i’ve been on an Aeromsmith binge lately, so tonight we’ll rock to some of their grestest hits.


Dream On

Sweet Emotion

Back In The Saddle

Walk This Way.

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