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Welcome to my first Graveyard Shift of the year 2017. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and New Years. Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? I got some Google Play credit that turned into scouting on Love Live School Idol Festival, clothes, a bunch of Blu-Rays and some Amazon Credit that turned into Love Live Nendroid figures. I also got cash that will be spent at IzumiCon in Oklahoma City this weekend. I also got Steam Credit and so far have bought a few games.

  • Stardew Valley

Someone on t he Discord chat recommended this game and I am loving it. I didn’t have an SNES so I never played Harvest Moon but this game feels like a spiritual successor to that popular franchise. I like that you can play in short spurts and it dosen’t require a lot of commitment.

  • Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

I had heard some good things about this game and so far i’ve enjoyed it. I’m only on the first chapter but i’m enjoying the immersion, the details and the gameplay. I like the concentration mechanic but it feels like combat is designed more towards overwhelming groups than AI.

  • Blades Of Time

I bought this game because it was cheap and I wanted a new 3rd person shooter. All I can say is I was glad it was cheap. It’s not that deep but controls are good and you move fluidly. The VO of the PC is really annoying, mainly because she dumps exposition everywhere but never actually explains anything. I feel like there was homework I was supposed to do before playing this game. There have also been some areas that felt cheaply designed, like enemies constantly respawning while a guy you need to shoot to break his shield fucks your shit up. I also got Valkyria Chronicles but haven’t tried it yet.

So that’s part of my Christmas load? Did you get anything good? Did you do anything fun for New Years or Christmas? Do you want to talk about something else? Feel free to do whatever you want. I hope everyone has a great 2017!


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