I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey all! Today is a dreaded day for some, amazing for others, I feel in between those two. That's why we have Jill here, wouldn't you want Jill to be your...Valentine??? I remember back in the days (the 90's and early 2000) when being a gamer was a "significant other" repellent. Almost every February 14 was a day for gaming harder because there was no romance for me...or maybe that's just my story, and everyone else in TAY was amazingly popular back in the days. The truth is I had a successful life juggling teenage popularity and my gaming life, but in the end on a February 14, I always choose my console, she never talked back, didn't mind if I played a bad game, and gave me countless hours of fun. (OMG Timehacker is such a weird guy)

So, what love/romance story do you cherish the most in a video game?

For me it has to be Luke and Tear from Tales of The Abyss, how Luke changed and Tear fell in love with him is pretty similar to how I'm married today.

So yeah...love is in the air. Talk Among Yourselves!

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BTW, I feel privileged to host the shift tonight and getting to know this awesome community TAY is!

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