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Hold on, let me just prepare


the roundup is coming


I swear.


Alright, tonight's roundup are:

I'm a patient guy, so patient that sometimes it drives other people nuts. Phantom Breakers Battle Grounds for the PSVita got delayed at the last few hours and have been moved to next week. =(


And I've just finish reading the latest chapter for My Wife is Wagatsuma-san. Holy POOP, this chapter just blew my mind and I can't freaking wait. ;_; August 5, 2014 is a day I'm looking forward to very much (Also, Akiba's Trip release date have been pushed to August 12, 2014, I might not have survived if it didn't get delay.)

Meanwhile in Japan, Phantasy Star Online continues to receive more big updates and the West have yet to see the game since announcing it 2 years ago. Also, Sega is also releasing Phantasy Star Nova on the Vita in Japan, I can't wait for Sega to localize that.

Also, feel free to let NISA know you want a physical release for htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary.


So tonight's topic is :

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