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It's that time of the night again, here is the Graveyard Shift! Here are some lessons you should learn:

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Lesson 2: Why you should buy a Vita by Aikage

Club Activity : Anime!!!


Congratulation, you've graduated! Don't ask what grade you've got because you are winner!

Tonight, we will talk about some life lessons you've learned because of gaming. It doesn't have to be learn directly from playing games but could be a catalyst.

When I was younger, my parents frown upon video games so my brother and I didn't get a NES, SNES or any of those console. There was no PC either. We learn to share toys and what not. Most of our reading material and the movies we watched, they were borrow from the library. That's not to say we never played any games, we did at my cousin's house.


Not mine

Eventually one day, we convince our parents to get us the new Gameboy Pocket (I was in 2nd or 3rd Grade). How great is that? And it got better!!! My parents said we can each get one, so no need to share!!! Boy, did that trip to Toys R Us felt long, but eventually we got there. My brother and I picked out the color we want (In case you're wondering, I picked Green and my brother picked Red), grab the ticket and now we ran over to the game section. All the choices, what to pick?!


Knowing that my parents will probably not buy us game often, I made the logical choice: Game and Watch Gallery. It was 4 games in one!! And it had Mario!!

And as for my brother, he picked Super Mario Land 2:


After we got the Gameboy Pocket and games, my brother and I were super excited to get home and start playing.

When we got home, we quickly open the system, pop in the battery, and open the game. I popped in Game and Watch gallery, and then I've learned the cold hard truth that Quantity doesn't always beat Quality.

=/ So in the end, my brother and I still share a single handheld since my parents managed our game time via battery. And we had a blast playing Super Mario Land 2. Sadly, this is when I've learn I want more in a game than just gameplay and high scores, I wanted an adventure.


So what are some life lesson you've learned whether it's games, toys, or whatever stories you wish to share?

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