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Welcome to the Graveyard Shift! Tonight, let's talk about which skill/ability you wish to master.

Before you master any abilities, please study the following articles:

Alright, studying is boring especially when you know all there is to know for you are a master! But seriously, there is always something to learn. And we all can't master everything we dream about since not everyone has the talent, trait, right teacher, or whatever factors we may lack. On top of that, there are other paths we must pursue whether it may be family, work or whatever. Let's face it, mastering something isn't easy and requires great commitment.






Mastery of being a Man

So what ability/skill (I will allow creative license here) do you wish to master but will probably never master in real life?


Me? I wish to be the master of disguise. Nothing like the ability to blend in and be stealthy right in front of someone's face.

Not interest in being a master? No sweat, feel free to be a jack of all trade and talk about whatever you like.


Feeling a little rusty? Check out the following and you'll master the art TAYing in no time.