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Graveyard Shift - Meme Death Time

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Good evening my friends and welcome to The Graveyard Shift. I’m your host, the ever fabulous and always on flek PartyVoteDriver.


Tonight I want to talk about killing memes. They are like toons, thought to be impossible to kill. But what if there was a way, a “dip”, like in the classic 1988 Robert Zemeckis comedy “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”?

If there was, I say we kill this terrible blight on humanity.

I know it’s been around since 2009 but I blame Overwatch for being this POS back. People bitch about Bastion, Bastion tells everyone else to git gud.It’s a lazy meme that’s not funny or clever and needs to die asap. But that’s just me, maybe you all love it. Is there another one you would put to the fire?

If killing memes isn’t your thing, you’re free to talk about whatever else you want of course. Have a great night everyone.


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For tonight’s music we’re going to get Stung and then arrested. That’s right it’s some of the classic Brit Band The Police with Sting on bass.


Message In A Bottle

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Every Breath You Take

Synchronicity 2- This was one of my favorite songs from Guitat Hero 8os Edition.

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