I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I know, I know, must of TAY plays DOTA 2, but well LOL grabbed me first. and Yes I'm liking the damn MOBA. It feels so good to do pentakills (haven't done one actually).

What I'm starting to like its how it has its own culture and learning curve that can only be explained by another player or you will never get it. Right now I'm playing with a bunch of friends from Panamá but if anyone here plays LOL, let me know.


So...whats your position on MOBA's (I'm hoping Mcfist sees this)

Also, I'm here but also at the movies, but since I don't really care for the movie I'm going to watch today I will off course be around on my new Iphone 5S, wife gave it to me, because she loves me.


If you don't care about Mobas, just Talk Among Yourselves


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