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Graveyard Shift - No Politics Time!

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Welcome to YOUR Graveyard Shift. This column is for the people, and I want to hear from the people tonight. I want to have a politic free zone tonight. We all know how the election ended. Nothing can change that. We start the fight anew tomorrow. But for now, lets be less of that and more of this.

Ok well maybe less with the whole being taken over by alien vegetables vibe, but you get what I mean.

I want to hear about good things. Things that make you happy. What is making you smile tonight?


I found out that I am being considered for a supervisory job at the university print shop. I work at the University Of Oklahoma and my current contract is ending on 12/31. I want to stay at OU to get to three years of time there and get the money they have put into my retirement. So seeing that I am being considered for this position felt good. I also have a lot of Love Live stuff coming. I am a huge Love Live weeb. I pre-ordered a special Christmas album, and the OST album which should come at the end of the month.


I also pre-ordered stuff from their First Live in February. So that’s what’s going on with me. What about you? Of course since this is TAY, talk about anything else you want to. For now, ciao bellas.


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I wanted to find something nice and soothing for tonight’s music. I don’t know if it’s good but here is a four hour playlist of peaceful and relaxing instrumental music.

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