I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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What’s up party people! It’s Thursday again and you know what that means: death is knocking on your door, asking for snickers again I’m here to get you through whatever time of day your reading this at.

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Not a whole lot of topic today, but I did want to mention two things. As I mentioned yesterday, I went and saw a screening of Rooster Teeth’s new film Lazer Team. It was great. General RT style humor and all around fun times. I definitely recommend watching it.


The second is the Division beta started today for Xbox, and from the hour I played of it before I went to sleep, seemed good. There was only one story misson and after that you are free to roam or enter the dark zone in search of better gear and fend off enemies and other players. Definitely seems better with friends. Let’s play if any of you are checking it out, as I know a few of ya are.

Other than that, its a free topic night, and so I’ll leave you with some jams.

Soul Veggies (Mega Ran & Storyville):

Turnip them beets

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