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I realized something this week, TAY: I've become addicted to Animal Crossings again. Everyone remembers how crazy we were with that for a while, right? Everyone hopped on to TAY and shared information about their stalk market, or where to go to get fish, or how to get the most amount of money doing what... I know we even had a few Animal Crossings centered give-aways for furniture and stuff that nobody wanted anymore.

Anyways, since I've had a lot more time to do mobile gaming (I've been out of the house a lot more in the afternoons lately for obvious reasons), I've had more time to pick it up again. And yeah, I'm addicted. Not nearly as much as I used to be when it came out, mind you, but I've been playing it pretty much every day—something I haven't done in months. I'm still checking all of the stores daily, still trying to move my roads around and strategically place flowers to make hybrids... you know, the usual. I missed so many events and failed to catch so many insects and fish, though, it's pretty disappointing. Oh well, there's always next year. Animal Crossings has a pretty lengthy period between release dates anymore, right?

The real problem now, though, is that I'm having some issues with my 3DS that makes it not come out of sleep mode properly. Sometimes, when I open it, the screen just stays black and I'll have to do a hard shut-off to get it to realize that it's time to wake up. Sadly, that makes me lose any progress I made that day unless I saved. Just from checking Google, I've heard some theories that the 3DS doesn't get along too well with the Wireless signal being screwy when it's in sleep mode, but I've also heard that it does that if the magnets in the case go bad. I checked the Nintendo FAQ and it sounds like I'll probably need to send it in, but... it'll be hard to let it go. It's probably all for the best. I don't want to make Mr. Resetti too mad by me having to turn off my game without saving.


So what about you, TAY? Have you been falling into old habits lately that you haven't done in ages? It could be something like playing an instrument, or taking random walks, or gaming related, like mine!

Hate living in the past? Well then, feel free to talk about life, love, gaming, or whatever else you desire. The Thursday Graveyard Shift is now open!


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