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‘Ello all! Hows it going tonight? My back has been kinda funky most of this week which sucks, as it has limited my overall mobility and work capability. Which jumps me right into tonights topic:

What are some memorable injury/painful moments in gaming? This doesn’t have to be events that happened to you, but could be a character in a game you played.


One that springs to mind for me is towards the end of the Virtuous Misson in MGS 3 Snek Snake Eater, where upon Snake gets thrown over the side of a bridge and later washes up on shore. His arm is broken and having no one around and no meds to numb the pain, he has to set his arm. Those kinda moments in shows always make me cringe a little when I think of how painful and hard that is, and the moment is only compounded by Snake’s howl of pain after the fact.

Which now that I see it again isnt as bad as I recall, but still.

(Mild spoilers for anyone who hasnt played the game, or the first section anyway. BTW)


If pain isn’t your game, talk about whats on your mind, we’ll listen.

Tonight’s jam:

Track: Rhythm and Balance

Artist: Sonic Team

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