Mwahaha! I've stolen someone else's job! Now I know what's it's like to be a Temporary Foreign Worker in Canada! Topical!

A few thoughts:

- I've always described myself as a social democrat, but I find myself drifting further and further socialist. Must be the whole, being born poor and getting pissed off that middle class kids get everything really fucking easy, thing.

- 3D printers are awesome, but I guarantee someone out there is using them to make sex toys.

- TUT is a butt.

- How come every time I say, "I'm fat, I need to lose weight", I start eating even worse than before?


- Tuxedo Mask is a hunky guy~ But not that asshole Damien, fuck that guy.

- At least one of you had a day like this today:


- The World Cup is literally as fixed and theatrical as the WWE.

- I promise I haven't kidnapped several members of TAY and locked them in my basement. ._. Promise~


Edit: Here is a link: HTTP://