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Graveyard Shift - Pre-Halloween Shenanigans Edition-


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So after this, everything will be links, see how long you can go before you get rickrolled/cena’d (preposting edit: or Dio’d :D) no cheating (don’t worry no NSFW stuff ( well maybe a bit of language on some), but there may or may not be vids full of the FEELS) , keep track of both all of em! >:D Happy pre Halloween guys...

So beyond writing this, I’ll have hopefully done and put up one Unboxing Tay article out of the two I need to do, and maybe put up or at least be close to finishing another article about a kickstarter y’all should check out. (It’s awesome.) Other than that my current week outside of work has consisted of a number of things.

I picked up Halo 5, and played the first two levels with a friend. We’re going to play through it together so until we can sync up our free time, I decided to go back to the Master Chief Collection and try to actually play through 2,3 and 4 on legendary since I haven’t done so yet. Having not touched legendary in Halo 2 outside of the last level way back when the game came out I have to say, Jesus Christ that game is hard. Like die near instantly hard...

Outside of that I’ll probably be checking out the Battleborn closed Technical beta, Hanging out with my friends on Saturday and playing some tabletop stuff as well as getting all my Kamen Rider stuff that arrived at my friend’s house last week and maybe manage to gather my friends up on Sunday/Monday to actually do some heists/4p missions in GTA online, and if that falls through, either Halo or Battleborn. Maybe continue to read and finish Halo: Last Light.


(end link madness)

Tonight’s music stylings: A halloween track, sad I couldn’t find the video, as it adds alot to it. :( also, this is the long version. It switches back and forth between the two styles she tends to sing in.


Artist: Tommy Heavenly6 Track: Lollipop Candy♥BAD♥girl-

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