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Tomorrow is a New Year. I'm sure some of you got big plans for 2014 or possibly the same resolutions you had for years now. No, no NYE edition!

Check out some of the 2013 sum up:

Anyway, forget all that. You have been granted a new life, a new beginning and I'm giving you the ability to be a new person or animal or plant. However, the only catch is it has to be a specie that exist on this planet and nothing crazy like eye lasers. Oh, and you will be reborn as a newborn/seed/egg, and start life all over.

Example, I can choose to be reborn as

An Irish/Chinese mix female. Most likely to grow to be about 5'8 tall. Has a brown blackish straight hair. Has a brown eye on the right and green eye on the left. Personality - cheerful and lighthearted.


Or an asshole Corgi with a birthmark in the shape of a dagger. And crazy athletic for a Corgi.

If you wish to be an E.Coli, well, I'm not going to stop you.

So what do you wish to be reincarnated as? Oh, and you can't pick your birth situation/family. So you can get all the traits you wish for but can be born into a poor family.


And be sure to have an awesome New Year!

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