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Sidequests...Legends tell of a time where everything developers had in mind for a game were packed into 1 to 4 discs, or even a single cartridge, extra missions that told profound stories or granted you the ultimate sword on the game. Very different times from today, where pay to win is almost a rule, and extra content = DLC. The legends say that this things called sidequests, when done right provided some of the most memorable combats, or frustrated some gamers when they could not be completed after a certain point, making them start 4 discs JRPGS from scratch (I did that once, with FF XI I think).

I'm a completionist, or at least I was until I turned 21 and responsibilities happened (really until around 25....who am I kidding, I still try to complete some games 100%).

The sidequests I enjoyed the most probably were hidden bosses, like Kurt Siza on Kingdom Hearts, or Emerald Weapon on FFVII (pictured above on some nice fanart), which for some reason was harder than Ruby weapon for me. There were other sidequests that due to my completionist nature were a freaking pain... For example Chocobo breeding in FFVII.


So today I'm going to throw you 2 questions:

What was your favorite sidequest? It doesn't have to be on an rpg...
What game did you obsessed on completing 100%?

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