I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Graveyard Shift - So Many Apps

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There are apps that I can't live without today. Mailbox, Evernote, Spotify, whatsapp, to name a few. My life is so connected to apps that I feel like a cyborg sometimes. I remember 6 years ago when at least in Panama I was using a blackerry bold and using apps was a pain. Nowadays even our watches will have apps tracking about everything you do.

I'm addicted to tracking my life. Running, steps, sleep routine, food ingest, nutrients, cups o coffee, whatever can be tracked I will track it.


What apps you can't live without? maybe its Twitter, or Facebook, or maybe something else, whatever it is, I'm sure there's an app in your life you simply need.

You can always ditch my boring topic and TALK AMONG YOURSELVES


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