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I have been thinking a lot lately, which most of the times is not a good sign, because I think more than what I can actually process, then get over saturated on thoughts and collapse. So to fix that I thought, hey I'm doing games, that way I don't have to think. You know as a hobby, but also as something serious.

What do you like to do with your free time not gaming related? I know some in the community that build stuff, other plot how to destroy the world and others play instruments.

I can't say I have non related gaming hobbies, but I'm looking into it, maybe boxing, or becoming an american ninja.


Also I think the image I choose for today is kind of silly.

What hobbies do you enjoy besides gaming until you eyes are bloodshot red?

Also, What is your favorite food style? I want huge greasy burgers tomorrow.

Or just talk about anything you like...

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