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What’s up guys and gals? We’ve once again reached the tail end of the week, another day closer to the Holiday trifecta of Hallow/give/mas. We’re also on the cusp of the holiday gaming release gauntlet with the likes of Yoshi’s Wooly World tomorrow, Halo 5, AC Syndicate, Fatal Frame, Triforce Heroes, and more in these last two weeks alone. Let’s not forget about November which brings Blops 3, Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Battlefront, Mario Tennis and American release of Pokemon Version 2 Yokai Watch, among other games/ digital releases. And thats just for games. If you are a purveyor of other (equally expensive) hobbies, theres tons of figures, books and other


miscellany. X_X

Anyway, before I further remind everyone of their wallet sepuku, let’s get to today’s topic:

(Sorta) Unexplained favorites! What are some of your favorite cards in tabletop/card games/ board games? I’m not looking for ones that you love because they are necessarily the best, but the ones that have some aspect of the card itself that you just like. Obvious places to start would be stuff like artwork and flavor text, but could be anything about it.

The one that sparked this topic for me is The Magic card Phyrexian Metamorph, of which its artwork is shown above.


While the card itself has one of my favorite ability types in Magic, the artwork is what makes it fantastic. So quick backstory, Phyrexians more dangerous forces to exist in the Magic lore. They threatened to more or less destroy a plane because of their desire to achieve what they called “The Grand Compleation” which basically is described as the complete replacement of all organic parts of a body over a large period of time, little by little until nothing but artifice remains. The being retains its memory and personality. That being said, they were quite ruthless.

In this case this guy is some sorta liqui-terminator style abomination that can take the shape of anything living or made from artifice. The artwork really gives off that foreboding danger kinda vibe to it.


I wanted to show off some other favorites, but I don’t want this to run too long so let me show off the alternate artwork before I cap off this GS. I’ll probably revisit this subject in longer detail in a article someday.


This one is also creepy-esque.

Tonight’s confection of the day:

Gatchaman no Uta - Gatchaman 1st Ending/2nd Opening theme

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