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Hey Tay! How’s it going? By the time you all read this, I’ll still be at work in flash sale hell, but don’t let that stop you from chating about here in the GS.

Tonight’s topic: If you could have any spaceship as a ride what would you choose? For the purposes of this question assume you don’t have to deal with any world ending/threatening beings or factions that would be apart of the world in which the ship comes from. You may however choose to have people from the ship’s actual crew or the series on your ship if you so choose.

As for me, I’d probably choose the XGP 15A2 or as it’s more commonl known, the Outlaw Star. What’s not to like? Fast ship, smarmy AI, grappler arms to fight other ships with, along with blades and guns, all the things.


So stylish, and small enough for re-entry!

A close second would probably be the SR2 Normandy. All the calibrations! Also the stealth factor.


So what would your pick be? Let us know!

Tonight’s jam:

Outlaw Star OP- Through the night

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