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This is me. Right now this is what I want to do, to embrace my inneer Ron and dump my POS most likely virus infected laptop in the trash. The damm thing has been working fine until yesterday when it just started freezing and crashing and locking up. I’ve tried to descipher the dozens of Error reports in the Event Log but they’re all over the place. I’ve done one full scan which revealed nothing. I’m working on a second one now with different software but it won’t be done before I leave work and so far it hasn’t revealed anything wrong anyway. I think i’ll just bring it to Best Buy and have them wipe it which sucks because I got it only in January. But if it’s a virus of some kind that will be the easiest way to deal with it and right now just getting it working is what I want. Which leads into the topics for this fine Wednsday evening.


1. Have you been having technology woes? Vent with your fellow nerds, we all know your pain

2. Have you had a badass moment of troubleshooting that you want to brag about? Here you can be a braggart.

If neither of those topics are of interest, feel free to dsicuss whatever you want to on this fine evening.

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I am writing this on a work pc so no YouTube access. I will try to get some music up before this posts at 9 pm est, other wise I thank you for your understanding as to why I can’t get any videos up due to my pc issues.

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