I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What’s up guys, Thursday comes once again. As usual I’m your host Kcet, so come in and put your feet up and relax.


So last night I went downtown with some friends and checked out a show featuring Mega Ran and Ritchie Branson. Ran raps about games and alot of times over game music, while Ritchie usually raps about games and anime. Needless to say they make some good songs.

Unfortunately they weren’t the headliner at this stop so they each only did a few songs each. I quite enjoyed it though, and picked up some CDs from their merch table before I left.

Any concerts or shows you guys are going to or looking forward to? Let me know down below, or talk about anything you’d like!

Tonight’s beats:

Ritchie Branson - Leyline Rhymes

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