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What’s going on Tay? It’s the last Thursday before April! The month is closing strong with a bunch of things going on or about to be.

First off was all the FF XV news. Which I haven’t actually seen yet. I know there was a new trailer and announcements of special editions. While the Squenix edition looks cool, I can’t imagine spending that much. Namely on the Squenix store all things considered. So I decided to drop a preorder on the deluxe on Amazon. I’ll have to check out the presser later, and hopefully get the chance to check the demo that was also released.

Although other than that the only news I can think of are the onslaught of Bandai toys coming out and up for pre order next month as well as the Jirachi Pokemon event starting up as well.

Then of course we have all the impending game releases. Quantum Break, Overwatch and everything else coming out in the next two months.


On the gaming front, I’ve been continuing to work on Fallout and I’m continuing to enjoy it as expected. The Mass Effect dlc was finally showing up properly in the Xbox one store so I bought bring down the sky for a dollar so I could continue my quest for 100% achievements in Mass Effect so maybe I’ll get to that at some point. And lastly the new magic pre release is this weekend so I’m looking forward to that.

The question is two fold:

Are you excited for FFXV/ have you tried the demo yet? What are your thoughts on the gameplay?



What sorta things are you looking forward to in the coming months, games otherwise? Going on a sweet trip? Finally getting that car you always wanted? Plotting a takeover of the Moon? Let us know below!


Tonight’s jam:

Streets of Rage 2 Ost- In the bar

Artist: Yuzo Koshiro

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