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Tonight, I'm taking over for Klugie bear because he has tests or some such.

Artist's representation

So, I was watching Supernatural and it was"Criss Angel is a douchebag," episode where the magicians were getting a little elderly and find a way to become immortal. I thought, as I was watching, "Why is this the most depressing, innacurate depiction of old age that I've ever seen?"

My conclusion was that it was the celebrity lifestyle. That because these guys had their entire life defined by one thing, when that one thing no longer defined them adequately they had nothing and so turned to being sad sacks who do tricks in bars.

So, with that fun little story out of the way, What is the one thing that defines who you are? There are obviously many things that define who you are but pick the most prominent one and talk about it.


Too personal? Too metacognitive? Well, then, feel free to talk about future Klugie bear designs and/or anything that comes to mind. Let the wild TAY party begin.

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