What’s up Tay! Its the Graveyard shift, the nightly hangout spot where you can dance if you want to (and leave your friends behind) Join us, won’t you?

I’m here on my lunch break writing this in my car on mobile so this might be a bit bare bones in content.

Back to the subject at hand, the other day on Twitter, Furbs asked if rickrolling wasn’t enough of a thing anymore for him to make it one again.

So this got me to thinking:

Are there any memes that you don’t see much any more that you kinda wish you did? Alternatively are there any you see too much and wish would get locked in a time capsule (that goes Froosh when you open it), and stays locked forever? Let us know, and if that ain’t your thing talk about whatever is on your mind.


Tonight’s jam

Twenty one Pilots - Stressed Out

Tonight’s GS is brought to you by Gatorade and goldfish crackers.