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Everyone, I'd like you to look at this wolf.

You see it?

Okay, good.

Now for story time.

Yesterday, my neighbours' big, white (let me stress again - GIANT) wolf-looking dog escaped the house and went on a spree to terrorize a fellow neighbourhood dog and kids. Nothing happened during this encounter other than some overly loud barking.


So, fearing for the wolf dog's safety (and everyone else on the street), we called his people to let them know he was outside. I told him to go indoors but he resumed lounging on the lawn, until finally he took heed and started pacing in the yard. He went to the front door. The side door. The neighbour's yard. All in the guise of looking for a way in.

Because you know what he did next?

He found his way back into the house and when a person came to check on him a mere two minutes later, he was there in the house pretending to be asleep as if he had never left the place.


That dog made me look like an Assclown.

An Asshat.

A butt dumpling.



So hey guys, your suggested topic for tonight:

The game that made a fool out of you - boss or difficulty, whatever! Tell us about it. Or a situation that made you look foolish.


It's story time, folks! This Graveyard Shift is now OPEN.

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